ALL DOGS: 8:00 AM on Mondays/Wednesdays; 8:30 AM on Tuesdays/Thursdays/Fridays.

Drop Off: Please allow a MINIMUM of 30 – 60 minutes for admission. LATE ARRIVALS MAY BE TURNED AWAY or charged a late fee.
Park in rear of building when you arrive. DO NOT BRING DOG IN WITH YOU TO REGISTER. Leave dog in properly ventilated car until registration is complete and you are called to bring animal inside.

  • Please call the clinic at 860-620-0325 for the latest appointment availability. Drop off is 8:00 AM or 8:30 AM, depending upon the day (see above).
  • Enter building leaving dog in properly ventilated car.
  • Complete paperwork for admission. Our paperwork is a three-part carbonless form; it cannot be faxed or e-mailed.
  • Admission team will review paperwork. Once the paperwork is complete, further instructions will be given to you.
  • All dogs must be on a leash.

All dog appointments must be prepaid before arrival (See Pay Page).

The surgical team will examine your pet. If your pet is showing any signs of illness or injury, such as but not limited to, coughing, sneezing, runny eyes or diarrhea, he or she will be declined for surgery. See your regular veterinarian for care first, and then re-schedule surgery when your pet is healthy. PLEASE do not bring a sick animal into our clinic! We try very hard to prevent the transmission of any contagious diseases (kennel cough, canine influenza, etc). Please take a few minutes to assess the health of your dog BEFORE heading to our clinic for your appointment. Our doctors will not perform surgery on a sick/compromised animal. THANK YOU!


Plastic Cone For Dog Pick up same day as surgery – promptly at 3:00 PM.

LATE FEES WILL BEGIN AT 3:30 PM AND WILL INCREASE EVERY 30 MINUTES AFTER THAT.  $25 per half hour, beginning at 3:30 PM.

YOU MUST BUY A PLASTIC “CONE” (E-Collar) FOR YOUR DOG at any pet supply store. New HOPE Clinic does not provide this. YOU WILL NEED THIS. BUY ONE.  IT IS FOR YOU TO PUT ON YOUR DOG AT HOME!

It is IMPORTANT that you purchase an e-collar (a cone for around the head) and put it on your pet after surgery at home which will prevent your pet from licking the incision area. You may also purchase Bitter Orange/Apple spray or Yuk Gel ointment from a pet store and apply to the area around the incision site. If this instruction is not followed, the incision can be licked open and become infected. This is considered self trauma and New HOPE Clinic will not cover your cost if it leads to a trip to your regular vet or to an emergency hospital.

If any additional medical treatment or medication was needed during surgery (or your dog is leaving with necessary medication) you will need to pay for these additional charges before taking your pet home. . We accept cash, Visa, MasterCard, and debit cards.

PLEASE NOTE: Your pet has undergone major surgery and anesthesia. Your pet has also been sedated to lessen pain following surgery; therefore, your pet’s behavior may be slightly altered for the next 24 hours. For example, your pet may experience minor personality changes such as crankiness, aggression, or sensitivity. These personality changes are temporary. Their normal personality will return in roughly 48 hours. Keep young children and other pets away from dog(s) that had surgery for at least 48 hours after surgery.

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