BEFORE SURGERY INSTRUCTIONS – the night before your dog’s appointment:

  • Keep your pet safely inside your home.
  • No food after midnight
  • You may allow your pet to have water.
  • No breakfast.


Check your dog’s incision when you get home.  What it looks like now looks normal.  Check the incision site two times a day, every day, for the next 10 days.

  • There are no sutures (stitches) to remove. Please call us if you are concerned about the incision.
  • Your pet may develop a hard small lump at the surgery site. This is caused by a slight reaction to the stitches.  It will go away as the stitches dissolve but please call us if you have concerns.
  • In case of scrotal swelling in male dogs, a cold compress can be used 3x a day for 10 minutes.

  • Monitor site – There should be no opening, drainage, redness, or swelling.

NOTE:   Never give your dog Tylenol, aspirin, human pain killers or anti-inflammatory drugs!  Use only vet-prescribed medication.   Over-the-counter medication can kill dogs.

If you have other animals or small children in your home keep them away from your dog for at least 48 hours after surgery.

  • Dogs must be walked on a leash at all times for the next 7 days, no exceptions.  Keep your dog quiet and calm.
  • Restrict your dog’s activity for 7 days.
  • No running, jumping, playing, swimming, or other strenuous activity for 7 days.
  • Dog must be kept indoors where they can stay clean, dry and warm.
  • No baths during the recovery period.

Lethargy (sleepiness), loss of appetite, diarrhea, vomiting, coughing  COULD occur up to 24 hours following surgery.  If these symptoms last more than 24 hours after surgery please call our clinic.

Your dog’s diet should remain unchanged for 7-10 days following surgery. No treats or people food (such as steak, chicken, McDonald’s, etc.) should be given during this time. Such items will take longer to digest, cause vomiting and can slow the healing process or mask surgical complications.

DO NOT allow your pet to lick, scratch, or chew incision. Use an Elizabethan Collar (e-collar) for 7-10 days as necessary. Collars are available at most pet stores.

Your pet may have received Meloxicam.  If so, you will see a box checked on your pink sheet/take home sheet.  Meloxicam is an anti-inflammatory/pain medication and will work for another 24 hours.  It may stay in your dog’s system for up to 30 days.  If you bring your dog to a vet FOR ANY REASON in the next 30 days you MUST bring the pink sheet to let the vet know your dog has had Meloxicam on the date of surgery.  Something another vet may use could interact with the Meloxicam.

Your pet received a small green tattoo on their abdomen.  This is not an incision and you will not see it when the fur grows back. If your dog should ever become stray, lost, impounded or taken into rescue, an animal welfare professional or veterinarian will know your animal is spayed or neutered.

**We cannot be held responsible for complications resulting from a client’s failure to follow these instructions or for contagious diseases for which your dog was not previously vaccinated.  Your regular veterinarian must address any illness or injury that is not a direct result of surgery, but you may always call our clinic with questions and concerns.  Should your dog experience a complication directly related to surgery in 7 days after surgery we will see your pet immediately for a re-check at no charge.  If there are any questions or concerns related to the surgery during the recovery period, please call our clinic at:   860-620-0325   PRESS #1.

If there is an emergency after hours, contact your regular full-service Veterinarian and/or a 24-hour emergency clinic. Please call our clinic on the following business day to update us. We do not have a doctor with us every day of the week. Thank you. 

Drop-off / Pick-up Instructions