Spay and Neuter is “How Over Population Ends!”

New Hope Clinic is a high volume clinic. We are not a full service veterinary hospital, we do not provide full service vet care. We specialize in spay/neuter surgeries and we are also able to provide basic vaccinations at the time of surgery. Our goal is stop over population and provide a low cost option for responsible pet owners with the soaring costs of today’s vet care.

New Hope Clinic looks forward to spay/neutering your animals!
By supporting our clinic you too are part of the solution
to end over-population and the needless suffering of unwanted and homeless animals.


Our mission is to end the tragedy of cat and dog overpopulation, homelessness and euthanasia in Connecticut. We fulfill our mission by providing high-quality, affordable and accessible spay/neuter services while targeting the most prolific populations: stray animals, feral cats and unaltered pets whose owners do not have access to veterinary care.


  • A state where abandoned and homeless animals are not left out of shelter and rescue systems due to overcrowding.
  • A state where the euthanasia of healthy, adoptable companion animals is no longer an acceptable method of population control.
  • A state where each pet owner, animal control facility, rescue organization and stray and feral caretakers have access to high quality, affordable sterilization and vaccine services for the animals in their care.


We are so proud of the staff and volunteers that help make New HOPE Clinic successful.

Our surgical staff is specifically trained in high volume and early age spay / neuter procedures.

Our Veterinarians have over 40 combined years of experience. Our technicians have been working diligently for over 15 years. Members of the surgical team have worked in general practice, critical care (emergency clinics) and animal shelters.

Our staff members take pride in giving each cat or dog the very best medical care possible. Be assured your pet is being cared for as if he/she is our own.

Our Administrative Staff and Surgical Team consists of people actively involved in rescue, legislation, and reform on behalf of Connecticut animals.

Our board members and staff all take time from their busy schedules to help with day to day operations in many different capacities.

Everyone involved with our organization is here because they believe in our mission to help end homelessness and unnecessary euthanasia. No Connecticut organization has made more of an impact than New HOPE Clinic. We have spayed and neutered nearly 40,000 animals.  Your continued support is greatly appreciated.