IMPORTANT: HAPPY ‘MEW’ YEAR! Thank you for visiting our website. PLEASE take a few minutes to learn about our services/fees/schedule, etc. ALL APPOINTMENTS (except for ferals: an unsocialized wild cat that must be trapped to receive spay/neuter services) MUST BE PRE-PAID. The fastest way to get an appointment is to PRE-PAY here, on our website, by clicking the button on the left side of each page that says: “Pay for an Appointment”. You will then be taken to our PayPal option to pay. You do not have to have your own PayPal account. A credit card can be used to pay! You must enter the amount you are paying (all fees are listed here on the website!). Then call us (at 860-620-0325) to notify us that you have already paid and you will be next in line to receive an appointment. Our Surgical Schedule changes each week (due to our doctors’ availability). We cannot schedule an appointment without the pre-payment. Due to heavy call volume, it may take some time to get back to you. If you are calling for info ONLY please know that most questions are addressed and answered here, on our website! Please understand that we are passing the savings on to you, and operating as a bare bones administrative operation. Thank you!

New HOPE Clinic is CT’s leader in Spay/Neuter for both cats and dogs. We are not a full service veterinary hospital, we do not provide full service vet care. We specialize in spay/neuter surgeries and we are also able to provide basic vaccinations at the time of surgery. Our goal is stop over population and provide a low cost option for responsible pet owners who are struggling financially. New HOPE Clinic is a fast paced clinic. We work very hard to fit as many animals in everyday (doing approximately 20-30 surgeries most days). We cannot accommodate surprises or unscheduled special surgical needs for older, overweight or unhealthy animals. Effective immediately, there is a $25 fee for no-shows and/or last minute cancelations.

We need your support to provide your animal the best care. Please take a few moments to review the applicable pages below BEFORE bringing your animal to New HOPE Clinic to avoid any confusion and mistakes. By supporting our clinic you too are part of the solution to end over-population and the needless suffering of homeless animals.

Cat Owners Please Review the Pages Below

Dog Owners Please Review the Pages Below


ALL PRICES AND GUIDELINES ON THIS SITE ARE FOR YOUNG HEALTHY ANIMALS WITH NO MEDICAL ISSUES (such as but not limited to: over/under weight, multiple litters/heat cycles, Brachicephalic breeds, skin/immune/neurological issues, etc).
If upon admittance to the clinic any conditions are discovered or disclosed prices will be adjusted or a refusal to treat the animal that day may be issued. We try our best to provide services for every animal that comes to us however we will not take unnecessary risks! New HOPE Clinic looks forward to spaying/neutering your animals!  Thank you!

The Clinic is located at:  214 Canal St. Unit #1, Plantsville, CT  06479.

Ph:  860-620-0325   FAX:  860-620-0359

email:  info@hopect.org